Subway seemed to be on a campaign to achieve a new look for their market and started introducing more product and ingredient based tvc’s.

A collection of rigs such as salad launches, cranberry clashing and overhead falafel rolling was the result of the new scripts. Messy but a lot of fun!

Launching salad components and achieving the correct percentages of these ingredients can sometimes be a bit ‘hit and miss’ however, getting the salad to rise to a desired height and then hit neutral gravity in the centre of frame before falling, all whilst being filmed at 200fps is the easy part. (Getting the tomato to spin is a little trickier!)

I particularly liked the cranberry shot as we were trying to achieve a ‘Game of Thrones’ battle clash, with the camera retreating at ground level and the cranberries swarming from each side of the lens and colliding with gusto!